How we work

We are a company committed to continuous improvement and we guarantee the effective management of projects and services. We make exclusive, custom wood and epoxy pieces; restore wooden furniture or items; and sell food-grade oils and waxes, which are important in various industries. Our emphasis is on creating and custom making.

37% of the molecular structure of the resins we use come from plant origin and the oils we use on wood surfaces are 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) as they are based on natural ingredients. This means they are safe to use and also safe for the environment. They are even safe for child products as they comply with the European toy standard EN 71-3.

We care for the environment and reuse wood scraps and leftovers to create new beautiful utilitarian pieces, thus reducing unnecessary waste. Just like us, our suppliers share this same philosophy.

JM Epoxy Designs recognises that this is important and with these factors in mind, is based on a balanced economic growth with quality control procedures. Our mission is to have the best performance possible in the services we deliver to our customers.